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Life is just like potters clay it gets shaped by our own hands

About Us

creativity takes courage

My ceramics studio is in the beautiful Spanish town of Ayamonte, situated on the Guadiana River bordering Portugal’s famous Algarve region.

I run regular classes and workshops in my studio, as well as traveling to do events for special occasions,  bachelorette parties, birthday parties and team building events (min 6 people).

Classes are for anyone with an interest in pottery or ceramics, you can be a complete beginner or an ‘old hand’.

Our workshops usually last around 2 hours and during these we make an outstanding piece for you to be able to use at home.

Please contact me on WhatsApp or email to ask more.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting our hands on the clay together.


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What our students have to say

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Calle Manuel Lerdo de Tejada 9 Ayamonte Spain

12pm - 10pm
12pm - 11pm

For reservation

+1-123 456 7890
+1-123 456 7891